Prof. U. Joy Ogwu

Ambassador and Permanent Representative

Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations

New York, NY

26th February, 2011

As Delivered

We are indeed glad to have arrived at a decision point on the situation in Libya. Nigeria remains deeply concerned about the escalating violence, the inflammatory rhetoric and the deplorable loss of life we are witnessing in Libya. The African Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the League of Arab States have all condemned the disproportionate use of force against civilians in Libya and have called for the immediate cessation of such violence.

 It is therefore fitting that the Security Council has taken decisive action today to address the crisis. We support the package of sanctions in the resolution to the extent that their impact is targeted and does not exacerbate the burden upon Libyan citizens. We have taken into consideration the letter dated today from the Permanent Representative of Libya supporting the measures as we have proposed. We are further persuaded by the cries for help of the Libyan people.

 In response to these calls for action, the comprehensive sanctions will deter individuals from supporting or otherwise assisting the regime. Moreover, the terms of the resolution will isolate those currently planning, coordinating and directing the atrocities.

 Nigeria is satisfied that the resolution provides for the protection of civilians and respect for international humanitarian and human rights law. We believe that the full implementation of these measures will swiftly and effectively address the ongoing crisis.