Mr. Obinna C. Onowu

Minister Councellor

Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations

New York, NY.

12th November, 2010

As Delivered

 We would also like to thank Mr. Jeremić, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Serbia, and Ms. Çitaku for their statements. We also thank the Special Representative of the SecretaryGeneral, Mr. Zannier, for his informative briefing on the situation in Kosovo.

 We welcome the report of the Secretary-General (S/2010/562) and appreciate the progress made since the last report. In particular, we note that the overall security situation in Kosovo has remained calm, although there are still pockets of violent incidents. We are encouraged by the continued cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina on the problem of missing persons. It is also positive that implementation of the United Nations Strategic Framework for Kosovo is under way.

 We acknowledge the contribution of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in collaboration with regional and international actors in facilitating the progress that has been made in Kosovo. In particular, UNMIK’s role in the rule of law and coordination among the various actors, as well as in facilitating dialogue among the communities, continues to enjoy our strong support. We also appreciate its role in fostering cordial relations with all the major actors in the region.

 The situation in northern Kosovo remains a cause for concern. Increasing political tensions and recurring incidents and attacks of a political nature have continued to raise the perception of insecurity in Kosovo and undermine efforts to promote the stability and development of Kosovo and the region. The Secretary-General’s concerns about the absence of significant progress in reconciliation between the communities, as well as the consistently low number of returns, are issues that deserve continued attention. In this regard, we urge for greater efforts to be made to help build confidence among the communities and lead to the consolidation of peace, stability and reconciliation in Kosovo and the region.

 There is also a need to improve security conditions and develop reintegration projects that will encourage voluntary and safe returns. We are particularly concerned about the lack of support to the activities of UNMIK in the north. At this critical stage, Kosovo more than ever needs the continued presence of UNMIK in the territory. We are convinced that its effective engagement with all the parties to promote reconciliation and stability will bolster progress in other areas of difficulty. We therefore call on all actors to provide the necessary support to enable UNMIK to fulfill its mandate.

 We are strongly convinced of the importance of dialogue in resolving the difficult issues relating to Kosovo. In this regard, we urge the international community to remain focused on Kosovo, especially by promoting peace efforts aimed at reaching a comprehensive and mutually acceptable solution to issues in the territory and the region.

 It is gratifying to note the efforts of the European Union in facilitating a process of dialogue between the parties. This is a major step forward. We urge the parties to seize the possibilities that it offers. It is also important, however, to ensure that any process involves close consultation and coordination between all relevant actors, and takes into account the specific circumstances and concerns of all the communities.

 In conclusion, we commend the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and his team for their unrelenting efforts in promoting peace and stability in Kosovo and the region.