Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations signed the UN convention on cluster munitions on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The convention was adopted in Dublin, Republic of Ireland by UN member states. The convention is intended to halt the use, stockpiling and production of cluster munitions.

Nigeria’s Permanent Representative in a speech said “Nigeria is a human centered nation and its foreign policy is based on ardent belief in the common humanity of all peoples”. She said the convention marked “a major step forward” in global efforts to protect civilians and control the spread of deadly, and inhumane weapons.
Ambassador Joy Ogwu expressed the hope that all other UN member states who are yet to sign the convention would do so without delay, for it to enter into force and “subsequently attain universality”. The ceremony was witnessed by Arancha Hinojal, deputy head of UN Treaties Unit, and some diplomats of the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations.