Project Ref: NPM/RES/FY11/1

Project Title: Rehabilitation of Tarrytown Mansion

Project introduction

1.         The Residence of the Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations located at 548 South Broadway Tarrytown, New York was built in 1906 and bought by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1960.

2.         The Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations invites interested contractors to submit proposals for services in respect of renovation of the proposed property.         

3.         The contractor will renovate and restore the Main House, Guest House, Service Quarters, Squash Court, Greenhouse as well as landscape and repair the access road within the property. Also included are the upgrading of the Swimming Pool and Sauna. Certification for the work done at various levels will be issued by the Consultant for periodic stage payments.

Tendering by Contractors

4.         Contractors bidding to execute the project must have the requisite capacity to implement the entire scope of work as would be specified in the bid document, which will be ready for collection at the address indicated below from Monday, 17th January to Friday, 21st January 2022 and will be publicly opened on Friday, 25 February 2022 at 2:00pm in the Conference Hall (21st Floor) of the address indicated below. All bidders or their representatives are expected to be in attendance. The scope of work for the renovation/rehabilitation of the project will be included in the bid documents.

5.         General requirements for prospective bidding contractors

  1. Bidder must furnish a 100% bond letter along with their bid within the cut-off date;
  2. Bidder must provide 100% performance bond in the same amount of the bid prior to the execution of the contract;
  3. Bidder must provide 100% payment bond in the same amount of the bid prior to the execution of the contract;
  4. Bidder must provide the required workers compensation bond;
  5. Bidder must carry a General Liability Insurance that includes Federal Republic of Nigeria as an Insurance Certificate Holder for the duration of the Project for an aggregate of US$1million;
  6. Bidder must be a reputable building and construction company and must have delivered projects of similar magnitude within agreed time-frame;
  7. Bidder must provide full company resume, including details of relevant professional certification, acceptable by the New York State engineering and architectural requirements and must be ready to work to the required standards set herein;
  8. The Bidding company must provide details/list of physical contact address(es) of the professionals working for it. Such a list should contain their phone numbers;
  9. Bidder must provide evidence of association or partnership with registered professional architects, licensed surveyors, licensed home inspectors, licensed civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers;

6.         All bidders must note that the Permanent Mission or/and Government of Nigeria reserve(s) the right not to offer an explanation for the non-selection of any or all the bidders.

7.         The Permanent Mission of Nigeria is not bound to accept a bid solely on the condition that it is the least quoted.

8.         Bidders interested in inspecting the site of the project should indicate to the Permanent Mission at the time of collection of bid document to enable an arrangement for onsite visit for all bidders simultaneously.

The Chairman
Tenders Board
Permanent Mission of Nigeria
(18th Floor)
828 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10017