Fifth Committee

The Fifth Committee also referred to as the Administrative and Budget is charged with governing the UN budget, and approves or rejects spending for the Secretariat, peacekeeping operations, and the daily functioning of the organization in general. Since the decisions made in the committee have a direct impact on the financial health and strategic direction of the organization, the committee is one of the most powerful and influential bodies at the UN. Like the other main committees of the General Assembly, the Fifth Committee is a committee of the whole and has 192 members. Based on the principle of regional rotation, a chairperson is elected every year by the committee members. The Fifth Committee meets three times a year for a total of almost 8 months, making it the most frequently convened committee in the GA.

Nigeria contributes faithfully to the annual budgets of the United Nations based on the scale of assessments approved by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Committee on Contributions. Nigeria has also regularly paid, in full, its share of the UN Peacekeeping budget apportioned on the basis of criteria approved by the General Assembly.