Fourth CommitteeThe Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly is also known as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee.


Since joining the United Nations in 1960, Nigeria has been and remains unequivocally committed to the goals, principles and objectives of the Organization. Over the years, Nigeria has consistently made substantial contributions towards the promotion and maintenance of international peace and security.  Beginning with the Mission in the Republic of Congo in 1960, Nigerian armed battalions have meritoriously served in many UN regional peacekeeping missions around the world.  At the last count, Nigeria had over 6,020 (Six thousand and twenty) troops serving under UN mandate in various theatres of conflicts.  Our commitment to global peace, security and stability has been conducted at enormous costs, both in human and material resources.

In Africa, Nigeria has spearheaded robust military and diplomatic engagements to restore and maintain peace and stability in a number of countries.  In particular, Nigeria’s reputation as a regional stabilizer, conciliator, and peace builder in the West African sub-region remains unmatched.

Nigeria’s positive and successful intervention in civil wars and the restoration of democracy in Liberia and Sierra Leone, under the auspices of the ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG), while also caring for millions of displaced civilians, remains a hallmark of regional and international contribution to global peace and stability. Nigeria remains steadfast to that commitment even as the demands on UN peacekeeping to contribute to international peace and security continue to grow.


United Nations Reforms encompass several initiatives by UN Member-States, Governments, and Panels of Experts on the measures required to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the UN in the 21st Century. These initiatives cover a broad range of issues including:

  1. Security Council Reform
  2. Secretariat and Management Reform
  3. Financing Reform
  4. Human Rights Council
  5. Environment issues
  6. General Assembly Revitalization
  7. System-wide Coherence
  8. Development / ECOSOC Reform
  10. Human Security
  11. Peacebuilding Commission
  12. Responsibility to Protect
  13. Terrorism