Mr. B. Z. Lolo

Minister/Security Council

Nigeria Mission to the UN

New York, NY

12th May, 2010

As Delivered

I, too, welcome His Excellency Mr. Abdurahman Ibrahim and Mr. Lamamra to this meeting. I should like in particular to thank Mr. Ahmedou Ould Abdallah for his untiring work in Somalia, and more especially for the clear and comprehensive briefing that he gave this morning.

It is evident from the briefings we have received that the situation in Somalia remains dire. In spite of this, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is making progress. We commend the efforts of the TFG in spite of these difficulties. The consolidation of the process in Somalia, however, cannot be deepened in a situation in which the TFG faces severe budgetary gaps, the security environment remains volatile and unpredictable, the humanitarian situation is in fact worsening, piracy is on the increase and constraining economic challenges remain. It is in this regard that we believe that the remaining time before the end of the transition period will be pivotal and must be seized to facilitate the return of peace, security and stability to Somalia.

On the political front, there is a need for more progress in the drafting of the new constitution, based on consultations. We commend the agreement reached on 15 March with Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a, which is a milestone that should foster sustained political dialogue and the furtherance of the Djibouti Agreement. There is also a need to intensify international support for the TFG in its effort to extend its authority internally, provide services and confront the security challenges in the country.

In the economic sector, there is a need to recognize Somalia’s economic challenges and to support the TFG’s efforts to generate revenue. I should like to echo a point made by Mr. Ould Abdallah this morning regarding the payment of fishing license fees to the TFG rather than to individuals as a concrete way to contribute to the generation of revenue in Somalia.

The international community must also focus attention on Somalia’s economic development needs, especially job creation. The integration of the Somali economy into the wider regional economy should also be encouraged. These efforts should be complemented by the consistent delivery of humanitarian services. While we appreciate the immense contributions that have been made to Somalia, we lend our support to the Secretary-General’s appeal to Member States to fulfill their financial pledges to the TFG, especially those made at the Brussels conference. Let me also add that we support the Istanbul conference to be convened on 22 May.

Stabilizing the security environment is vital for the strengthening of the Government and the building of State capacity and institutions in Somalia. Increased support is required for Somalia’s security forces through strategic training, the provision of adequate resources for the payment of salaries, and the building of the national security and stabilization plan. Measures to fight piracy, deter foreign fighters and protect civilians and aid workers should be enhanced. The implementation of existing essential measures should also be improved.

 Let me now reiterate our full support for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and call for, first, the full implementation of the AMISOM support package; secondly, enhanced remuneration for AMISOM troops to bring it into line with United Nations rates; thirdly, reimbursement for transportation and other logistics provisions; and, fourthly, the establishment of a multilateral peacekeeping force in Somalia under the aegis of the United Nations and the African Union.

We welcome the Secretary-General’s efforts to operationalize the joint planning unit to ensure the coherence and coordination of United Nations activities in the country. We look forward to his review of the implementation of the United Nations strategy for Somalia, which we hope will take into consideration the need to integrate the United Nations system in Somalia.

In conclusion, we salute the gallant men and women of the military forces of Uganda and Burundi for their efforts and commitment to the cause of peace in Somalia. We also salute the dedication of international aid and humanitarian workers in the country.