Ambassador Bukun Onemola

Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative

Nigeria Mission to the UN

New York, NY

28th April, 2010

As Delivered

I would like to thank His Excellency Mr. Jean-Max Bellerive, Prime Minister of Haiti, for his participation in this meeting. In welcoming Mr. Edmond Mulet, we congratulate him on his new position as Special Representative of the Secretary- General in Haiti and thank him for his comprehensive briefing. The contribution he has made since assuming his new position is highly commendable.

The latest report of the Secretary-General (S/2010/200) indicates that remarkable progress has been made in the provision of emergency aid with the identification of such priority needs as water, food, health care, sanitation and relief shelters. Nevertheless, a great deal remains to be done, as initial relief is only a first step in the long reconstruction efforts to rebuild lives in Haiti and the infrastructure of the country’s institutions.

We commend the international community and non-governmental organizations for their swift reaction to the earthquake in providing emergency relief support, including technical operations. The exemplary role played by the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) in providing initial specialized assistance to alleviate immediate humanitarian needs and address the effects of the disaster deserves the utmost commendation.

MINUSTAH continues to provide technical support and advice to State institutions, focusing its priorities on the Government Action Plan for the Reconstruction and the Development Of Haiti. The Action Plan encompasses the long-term reconstruction of Haiti through economic stimulation, social reform, and the strengthening of State and local institutions that will ensure better lives for all. In this regard, we commend the outcome of the international donor conference held in New York, which raised more than $5 billion to assist in financing the expenses of the various reconstruction efforts. Nigeria will continue to give its full support to the aspirations of the Government and the people of Haiti. It is in this regard that Nigeria made an initial donation of $1.5 million and pledged the sum of $5 million for reconstruction efforts in Haiti.

At this crucial stage in the country’s reconstruction, the international community should assist Haiti in taking full ownership of its governance and State institutions in order to promote balanced overall development and stability in the country in all their aspects. We agree with the Secretary-General’s proposal to review the role of MINUSTAH, including adjustments to its mandates, in the light of post earthquake circumstances. We support the recommendation, which has the approval of the Government of Haiti. It offers a unique opportunity to the Haitian Government to transform the demographic structure of the country, strengthen institutions and accelerate the economic development of the people. Most importantly, these efforts will help Haiti to deliver on its promises, as contained in the Action Plan.

We call for concerted efforts by the international community to enable the Government of Haiti to provide an integrated approach in the areas of constitutional reform, human rights, the fostering of political stability, the strengthening of the rule of law, electoral institutions, the judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

MINUSTAH has a crucial role to play in the electoral process in order to ensure the advent of a new democracy come February 2011. It is in this regard that Nigeria supports the Secretary-General’s recommendation that there be an increase in the number of police personnel above the force levels authorized in resolution 1908 (2010) in order to enhance security in Haiti during the presidential,  parliamentary and municipal elections to be held in September 2010.